Bad news for weeds

With the recent release of IPMwise, Danish crop growers can now consult a new online tool to reduce the application of herbicides. It is assessed that IPMwise can contribute to reduce expenses by approximately 20-40% depending on the grown crop. At the same time, legal requirements are fully met, and further development of herbicide resistance can also be prevented. Mechanical treatments are adviced in selected crops where herbicide treatment is difficult or very expensive.

Today's challenges
Especially three conditions must be dealt with in conventionel weed management:

The newly developed online tool, IPMwise, offers decision support for weed management and makes the crop grower well prepared to manage weed challenges of both today and tomorrow.

Unique features
In IPMwise you can apply your own prerequisites as a base for advice. For instance:

IPMwise can be used from all devices with an internet connection (PC, tablet og mobiltelefon) and in most browsers (Internet Explorer, Crome, Safari) - also in the field.

Strategical partnership
In 2016 a strategical partnership was formed between Datalogisk and IPM Consult. The first step involves selling and promotion of IPMwise. Later on the partnership will be expanded and intensified.

IPM Consult and Datalogisk complements each other with products, skills and opportunities to reach the customers. Datalogisk adds a new state-of-the-art product to the portifolio, and IPM Consult connects to already established products and sales channels.

User interfaces in IPMwise have been tested by selected farmers and specialists to be immediately understandable and applicable - also in a busy growing season.

In time IPMwise will be integrated with the farm management system, Næsgaard MARK (Agronavia) prefered by many Danish farmers.

About IPM Consult
IPM Consult ApS was established in 2014 by Per Rydahl and Ole Mission Bøjer. Both have a history at Aarhus University (AU) in the field of agroecology. IPM Consult cooperates also with others, both Danish and foreign universities on innovation in weed management. Contact: Per Rydahl,

About Datalogisk
Datalogisk A/S started in 1987 selling PC’s to farmers. Later on Datalogisk began developing online farm management software for crop growers and their advisors. Today Datalogisk is known for the products, Næsgaard MARK, Næsgaard Markkort, Næsgaard TID and Næsgaard Mobile. Contact: Birger Hartmann,